Today I finished off my slideshow (pitch) for the 26th may pitch day. It features many ideas for my project and it sufficiently outlines what I am aiming to do in 20% timeĀ 20% pitch

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DAY 2 20% Time

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Last Friday we worked on these worksheets to help us plan our projects. The worksheets contain some ideas about a topic, but they also contain a practical implementation and organization of my topic. The aim of the worksheets is to make sure our idea is realistic and that we plan out and organize our projects.

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DAY 1 20% Time

On Friday we spent almost a period coming up with ideas on what to do with our 20 time. after much thinking and after completing a worksheet I decided to create a student tv show, where I invite students to talk about co-curricular activities and allow them to promote their favorite thing to do outside school.

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