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This piece of work was for Unit of Inquiry. We had on the white board, information about Trugernini. Then we paraphrased the infomation into full senten (More)
After Australia map
This piece of work I did at the end of the \"Australia\" unit. At the start of the unit we did one of these tests. So at the end of this unit we did anot (More)
Before Australia Map
This piece of work was a test for Unit of Inquiry. We got given a blank piece of paper and we had to draw an outline of Australia and write down all of t (More)
My Day At Sovereign Hill
With this piece of work I had to write a selection of poems based on my trip to Sovereign Hill. After I had done that, I had to pick my favourite poems (More)
Making your own animal
I did this piece of work as an assessment task for the unit "animal adaptations". I didn't really learn any thing because I had to use my own knowledge fo (More)
First fleet journey
I got given this piece of work as homework. I had to draw the route of the first fleet and write about the stops in the boxes ( I had to find what the sto (More)

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