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I would like to be a scholar in the Han dynasty, because I would have the chance to innovate and change culture for generations. (More)
Remembrance Day
To all the soldiers who have fought and fallen in war. Thank you. You made a great sacrifice and did something that I would never want to do. You came through hell and didn\'t come back, all to protect people who don\'t have the courage you did. (More)
Keenan\'s Stay at Bryon Bay
I went to Byron by a and stayed at the Byron Cove a beautiful little bread and breakfast just out of town, but Byron wasn\'t always covered in cute hotels and shops the sell expensive t shirts and surfboards. So what was Byron before all that it is n (More)
Barbarians - The Burgundians
Mercury CSI
Homer's Interview
My notes before my history interview. The Illiad the first bit of literature in western culture Eris discord was not invited to a great wedding of the King Peleus and the first sea nymph Thetis(Achilles parents) Hera, Aphrodite and Athena saw an a (More)
HOMER CSI Colour: Blue, for the Greek flag, because homer is Greek. Song: The Iliad by Ed Sanders, for the Iliad is his most famous tale. Image: For this (More)

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