Skeletal Models


Faces- an object with a flat surface on one of the sides of the shape

Edges- side that all aline into one shape to creat an object

Vertices- the joints that hold up the shape to make it stable to hold its self

Pyramids – 4 or more side that meet at the top of a shape.

Prisms-The middle of a shape is the same all along its sides.
3 Thing I Learnt

I learnt that prisms and Pyramids are alike in that they need more than 2 edges to creat that shape.
I learnt that you can’t use long straws for many shapes or they fall down but if you use small straws it more stable
I learnt that if you use to much or to little blue tack your straw shape dose not holds its position and slowly plummets to the ground.

!NAME! Faces Edges Vertices Pyrimads Prisms Photos
Prism” 5 9 6 ✔️
Prism” 8 18 12 ✔️
Tetrahedron 5 6 4 ✔️
Pyramid” 5 8 5 ✔️
Cube 6 12 8 ✔️
Prism” 7 14 9
Pyramid ” 6 11 ✔️
Pyramid ” 7 7 7 ✔️








The Girl Who Made The World Stop For 6 Minutes

1= She uses persuasive language in every sentence she reads out.

2= When she is talking about the environment her voice get deeper and madder.

3= The young 12 year old girl gives many sad examples of what the environment has done

4= She explains her case from her personal experiences in her home town Canada.

5=When she is talking her voice get deeper and angrier when she talks about starvation and homeless kids with hardly any water

6= When she is up on the podium talking about the environment she takes the time during her speech to look at every one of the reporter or world masters and talk to every single one of them with her emotional speech.

7= Later she gives examples what could happen in the future about 30 years from now what would happen to the environment and the communities.

8= During her speech she asks some rhetorical questions and answers.

9= She always says “I’m still a child but I know what’s right and what’s wrong”.

10= She says that people in her country always take things for granted and never really like giving things away to the helpless. But she is right if we don’t work together as one planet combined we will never get along and the pollution will never go.

Transition day


On 20.8.14 a bunch of new students came to our school During the day I met countless new friends that I can’t wait to see in year 7. I probably will meet lots more people next year that I would love to have as my friend. This is my reflection of the day!

At the start of the day Anais and I were both looking for our old friends from Sandringham Primary School. We went looking for 5 minutes and finally we spotted a blue shirt with a yellow tree in the corner ,when we saw that we sprinted as fast as we could, when we stopped running I saw some of my friends that I haven’t seen in years, and I was so glad to see them again.

After a little chat we all settled down and went to the presentation about year 7! They were telling us all about how organised you have to be and prepared for anything. Later on in the presentation we got name tags with our first and last name on it, and with either a blue or green dot in the corner and a number 1-6. The numbers 1-6 represented what group we would be in, and the dots where saying what test group you were in.

When the presentation was finally over we went to split up into our 1-6 group we were going to do 3 L.O.T.E’s with 15 minuets each. The L.O.T.E’s we were doing were Indonesian, Chinese and French. Then we had a really short snack break and then we split up into the blue or green group to do 2 test.

When all that torture was over we got to have an hour lunch all of us sat in a big big circle and talked about how cool next year is going to be and all about the teachers and the giant classrooms. For our last activity before they left to go back to school we went to another presentation about all the different instruments that you can play through out next year.
Finally it was time for all of the new kids to go home we said “BYE” and we got ready to go home.




In this task we all had to do a project on Immigration. On one side of the paper you had to write about a group of people who weren’t from Australia and on the other side of the piece of paper we did it on an individual nog from Australia.
The subject we wrote under was


Crystal Castle



This b


This board is based on Disney Princesses character we have Areal, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine . first you start at the bottom of the board and then you spin the spinner and you pick up a card with a mathematical sum were you figure out what the sum is for example 1/4+2/4= and if you get it right you turn over the card to see if you got it correct. And what ever princess gets to the top of the castle first is known as the princess of the

Poem Recital

When I was saying my poem I got really nervous and forgot the whole poem and I had to look at the poem again. I learnt that when your speaking in public just look straight and just focus on what you are saying and don’t get nervous and forget every thing.