Identify issues that are causing pain and suffering to individuals or groups in your community:

Environmental problems
Money issues
Abuse against people
Racist issues
Government problems
Family issues

FIND out what is already being done, or has been done, to address these issues in your community.

Campaigns to create awareness
Shelters for the homeless
Therapist/counsellor or psychologist to help with problems
Charities to support different issues
Organisations set up to help with any problems
Laws set up to keep the environment safe

Has it worked?

In most cases these things have worked but there are still many things that could be done to help these issues. Things like making more organisations, more public donations and fundraisers, shelters could be set up for the homeless so they have somewhere to sleep at night which is safe, stricter laws that make sure that anyone sleeping on the streets are not hurt or injured for no reason. These are just to name a few, there could be many other things that can be done to help make people’s lives easier.

What is the focus for your compassion action project?

The focus is on the homelessness and to help raise awareness to what they have to deal with on the streets and what they go through. To show what they go through each day and the obstacles/challenges they face along the way.

What are you trying to achieve from your compassionate action project?

To help create awareness for all the homeless people in Australia. They have many problems in their life which are often very dangerous and unhealthy not only for them but anyone else they may live with. The focus of this project is to raise awareness to these problems and help them lead a better life than they currently do. It’s also in hope that people will see the information put together and realise what better lives they have than some people hopefully making them want to donate to this cause and help change someone’s life.

How will you achieve this?

There are many ways to achieve this, posters could be made, talks could be held, presentations could be made and organisations could be set up. Of course there are many more things to do, but these are just examples. Obviously, anything done to help the homeless is appreciated and will help no matter what, even if it’s just something small.

How can your compassion action project be evaluated and sustained?

My compassion action project can be evaluated and sustained by seeing if there has been a change within the community of homeless people. If there has been no change then clearly this project has not worked nor benefitted the homeless.

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Melbourne Museum and Mosque

Melbourne Museum:

Why is Melbourne where it is?
That’s where John Batman settled. Port Phillip bay for trade, Yarra for fresh water, Dandenong’s for mountains and good agriculture in the east and west

Where was the first white settlement in Victoria?
A convict settlement in Sorrento but soon was abandoned

What was it like before settlement?
Thousands of aboriginals lived in the port Phillip district

Why did people come?
Jails were full in Great Britain so they placed convicts in Melbourne.

Who lived there?
Aboriginals, 20,500 by 18,500 and European settlers

What was it like to be there?
Buildings were few, food was uncertain, water from the Yarra was muddy. Basic services were lacking, settlers lived in small huts. Public disorder were threatening.

How was it organised / government?
Government distributed land between Melbourne settlers assuming it belonged to the crown.


Who came and why?
Europeans, Asians people all over the world for the chance of fortune from the gold rush German, China, North America, British, Irish, Chinese became largest community

Who stayed and what became of them?
People who stayed grew and made a fortune with their businesses

Why did people leave?
People failed making money they thought they would make a fortune. It free to fast because of the gold rush and became an unlovable city. Insufficient food and water

What size was Melbourne?
What form did it take? 500,000 people. It grew in size very rapidly because of gold rush.

What were the connections within Melbourne and between Melbourne and the world ? Through the gold rush many migrants

How were people making Melbourne their home?
They started their own businesses and families with the money from the gold rush and established sense of community


What caused Melbourne to boom, and what did it mean for Melbournians?
The gold rush made it boom as well as conceptions to make a fortune. It meant larger population and struggle to keep up with it all.

Did everyone benefit from the boom?
No, some were left devastated

Why did Melbourne have a depression? And how bad was it?
They had it because people were spending their money to dig for gold but they often didn’t find anything so they wee left with nothing . Pretty bad

What made Melbourne socially progressive in some areas?
People were establishing themselves with money

Why did Melbourne develop a new Sewage system? What was the sanitation like in Melbourne?
Because originally waste was thrown on the street hence the name was formed ‘smellbourne’.


Why was Melbourne Australia’s first capital?
Because they were the centre of movement for white Australia.

How long was Melbourne the capital and why did the capital move to Canberra?
27 years. Melbourne was only made as a temporary capital.

What helped make Melbourne the manufacturing heart of Australia?
Because of the high amount of agriculture.

How did Melbourne assist in putting Australia on the world map?
The gold rush.

How did Melbourne experience World War 1?
The Melbourne men fought in Europe and the Middle East. Many were in the 2nd brigade who were apart of the ANZAC’s who fought in Gallipoli.


When did Melbourne houses become electrified?

How did Melbourne experience the Depression and World War 2?
The Great Depression hit everyone hard, as well as the cinemas as tickets failed to sell. Children also suffered as child endowments payments would not be introduced until 1941. It was hard at home for the children as well as they had to help out a lot more at home, helping their mothers care for their family whilst their fathers would be out trying to find work. During the depression, everyone unemployed or homeless would que for hours in food and charity handouts. In 1933 almost a third of unemployed men in Melbourne had been out of work for 3 years. When WW2 came, it was a slight relief for some as it meant they could get a job. Although it wasn’t under the best circumstances, it meant income for their families.

What were the effects of modernisation on everyday life?
New styles began to appear in houses amongst the suburbs. Some included: Californian Bungalow, Spanish Mission, Tudor Revival and Streamlined Moderne. Inside the home, cluttered mantelpieces were being striped bare and cabinets were being transformed into modern kitchens. Things were also changing in the city centre, office buildings were becoming larger with more success. The sounds around and amongst the city grew louder, telephones rang, electric trams going by, as well as motor cars going past.

How did the shape of Melbourne change- with growth of suburbs, industry and leisure?
Before television, people flocked in thousands to Melbourne’s grand picture palaces for the latest talking films- this was their entertainment. News stands also kept Melburnians updated on the current events, such as Phar Lap, centenary celebrations and Australia’s involvement in WW2. Radio studios drew crowds as well, everyone wanted a glimpse of the “wireless”. It was soon brought into homes known as cheap, assessable entertainment and information in ones living room. Of course there were other ways to have fun, a day trip to Luna park, picnics, backyard cricket, Australian Rules football fans would pile up to support their local heroes every Saturday afternoon. Car ownership also increased meaning there were more family outings to the Dandenong’s or the beach for a day out.


How and where did Melbourne grow?
Melbourne grew out to the east and south along the East Coast. During the 80s it started to grow west. At 1945 the population was 1 180 200. At 1980 the population was 2 787 400.

What was the suburban experience in Melbourne in the post-war period? What were the expectations, dreams and experiences of those people who started new homes and families in this period?
Melbourne began to become very diverse. In streets, homes and schools immigrants were influencing the Melbourne lifestyle. In the 60s and 70s kids started dreaming for more than the usual lawnmower, laminex kitchen and car. Social activities began to flourish and Melbourne’s youth culture rised.

Who settled in Melbourne and why?
A lot of Europeans settled between 50-60s. Latvians, Italians, Greeks and British. In 1977 the last ocean liner carried assisted immigrants to Melbourne.

When and why were the high-rise public housing towers built?
Housing Commission of Victoria started major development about 1966. They developed about 45 high rise towers in suburbs such as Fitzroy, Carlton and South Melbourne. They needed to cater for the growing population and used high rises buildings rather than building multiple smaller buildings and used more land. They were cheap so many immigrants moved there.

How did the car shape Melbourne?
The first Holden car was launched in 1948. Transportation made Melbourne an easy and accessible society. It allowed people to access all parts of the city and work further from home. It allowed the growth of Melbourne.

What is the distinctive character of Melbourne?
Melbourne is a liveable and diverse city. It’s very accepting and multicultural. Throughout this time, there was a good public transport system. It was an advanced and innovative society.

Melbourne Mosque:

How is Islam different from, and similar to, Christianity? Write half a page, detailing information that was conveyed by the ‘mosque ladies’.

Islam does not have the same God as everyone. They look up to their God, Allah. Allah is different to our God for example, if you’re asking forgiveness for something you’ve done towards a person, when you’re praying to God then you ask for that person to forgive you when you next see them. But if you’re praying to Allah then you can forgiveness from that person through Allah. You could ask “please Kim forgive me” and you can have forgiveness from that person through Allah, unlike our God. When praying to our God, you normally just kneel on the floor with your hands placed together in praying position. When praying to Allah, there are 4 different stages to the prayer, standing up straight is one, bending down half way (so your back is completely straight), kneeling on the floor and having your forehead, nose, chin and hands touch the floor. The last position of the prayer (when you’re forehead etc is touching the floor) happens because touching the floor is believed to be the closets you could possibly be to Allah. Although you can do different things with each God and pray differently, they are both the same. They are both there for guidance, advice, forgiveness, to look over you, protection etc. They both exist for the same thing, all though there may be different beliefs for each, they exist for the same reason.

What were some of the questions asked by our students? Report on the answers that were given.

Why do only woman have to wear headscarfs?
It is called a Hijab and is a religious act to cover their hair. Men can wear a hijab as well but not necessarily on their head, they normally wear it mid waste. Many people believe that it is offensive and sexist that only the women wear the headscarves. Women in Islam however do not believe this, they find it empowering that women wear them, like it’s an honour. That it makes them unique, something only for women, something that men do not have to wear. They find it empowering and it makes them special. They do not wear the Hijab every second of every day though. Women must wear it out in public, in front of others but when at their own home they may take it off. However, if they’re at home and their siblings friend comes round, they then must put it back on.

– Why are there chairs in front of the woman when they pray?
This is a sort of message to people, not to walk in front of someone who is praying. The chairs create a barrier so people know not to walk in front of the woman, otherwise it could be considered rude and disrespectful. A prayer is something between the Muslim and Allah, if interrupted it can disrupt that. However, if a chair is placed in front of you when praying then it prevents an interruption from happening, causing not distractions from you and Allah.

– Why do the woman pray upstairs, behind the men instead of in the same place as them?
The woman have different praying areas to the men so the men do not get distracted when the woman are in front of them. If the woman were praying in front of the men, when they have to bend over they kind of stick their butts in the men’s faces. This can distract the men, so they are looking at the women instead of focusing on the prayer. Also because it can be embarrassing for the women having to bend down in front of the men, so having separate praying areas saves the women from not only embarrassment, but helps the men focus on the prayer instead of the women in front.

What do you think about girls wearing a headscarf?

I liked wearing the headscarf, not only was it something different from what I usually wear but I had also never experienced wearing it before. I was actually excited thinking about wearing the headscarf whilst on the bus, on the way to the Mosque, I think because I had never worn one before and I was excited to finally have that chance. I also didn’t want to upset anyone by having my hair out, I knew it was a religious act to wear the hijab, and especially because I had never met anyone from this religion. So I knew that by wearing the headscarf I would not upset anyone who saw me. Overall I liked wearing it, I didn’t have a problem with it and found it interesting to see what other girls in Islam wear.

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CUE- markets and city mission

Cue reflection (urban) – Amy Galston

Melbourne Markets:
During our CUE day out we went to the Melbourne markets and got to see how they operate and what the people employed there do. I learnt that they start around midnight-1am and finish near 8 in the morning. I also learnt the different prices fruit is sold for there and compared them to what fruit is sold for at other places like local supermarkets or fruit shops. It was found that there is a difference in prices between each place. This is because everybody wants to make a profit, companies would have to pay the market in order to gain some of the fruit, pay someone to go and get the fruit, pay staff to store and organise the fruit etc. Once they’ve paid everyone for this, they would’ve spent a lot of money therefor, in order to make a profit they would have to increase the price for the fruit just so they made more money than they spent.

Melbourne city mission:
Also during our CUE day out we visited Melbourne city mission which is an organisation that helps homeless people. Nearly half the people that are homeless in Australia are children under 18 years old. This organisation helps the homeless by taking them in and trying their best to help them get their lives back on track. This involves health checks, an appropriate place to stay, a job which earns suitable income, proper meals and supplies and much more. People can be homeless for many possible reasons, but most often family problems. Some of the reasons include:

Death in family
Family breakdown
Violence/abuse in family
Unwanted pregnancy
Born into it

As society, there are many things we can do to help homeless people. If you see someone homeless then you can give them some money or a voucher for somewhere, spare clothes, take them out for a meal, supplies or just anything you think might help them. You don’t always have to give help directly to someone who is homeless, if you know an organisation that helps the homeless you could donate some money to them which increases their money situation and therefor improves the help they can give to the homeless.

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Cue- urban

Why is public transport needed in big cities?
A lot of people don’t have a very good job or may not have a job meaning they don’t earn a lot of money. This causes them to have to move to the apartments in the city that are cheap. As these people don’t have much money, they are often not able to afford a car causing the to catch public transport to get places.

What balance is required between private cars on the roads and public transport?
Have an equal balance between cars and public transport so the roads don’t get too busy and overused. This way everyone can go to and from places safely and there’s a well enough balance between each that the roads won’t be dangerous or too used.

Does Melbourne have an effective public transport network?

How could our transport system be improved?
When catching trams, of you’re unfortunately disabled in a wheelchair then it can quite often be difficult to get onto the tram. If there is no one else in a particular carriage of the tram and you’re trying to access it in a wheelchair it can be extremely hard, especially because there’s no one around to help. Maybe stopping at low putting in a ramp and some hand barriers

Is working in a team of 11 easier or harder than working individually?
Easier, if you’re not completely sure what type of public transport you’re supposed to catch in order to get somewhere then you have 10 other people to ask who might have more of a clue.

Is it possible to have equality within a team or is it inevitable that some members of teams will
dominate while others remain passive?
It’s quite normal that some people will lead more than others. This may be that some are more confident and willing to lead people, maybe they have more experience in the city using public transport? Then it might be completely new to the others and they prefer to sit back and let someone else lead the way.

What aspects of city life are introduced when we travel by water, instead of by car or train?
There are not many aspects of city life I can think of when traveling by water, but travelling by water gives us a new perspective of the city. You can see the city in a much larger scale and begin to appreciate how tall some of the buildings are which is harder to see when standing on street level.

Everyday I get up and go to the work. It’s been the same thing all my life, always catching a bus from the bus stop outside my apartment to the train station then the train to the city and another bus to my work. I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago now and I’ve been trying to make it on my own. I’m working towards being an executive owner of a company but right now I’m just an employee. I don’t earn that much so I haven’t been able to buy a nice house in the suburbs or even a car. It’s hard relying on public transport all day everyday to get myself to work, sometimes there are problems with the trains and sometimes the buses never show up to their destination. It’s frustrating but it’s my life right now so I just have to deal with it and carry on working towards my goal. Everyday that I get on the train I see the same sight, always graffiti on the windows and sometimes even on the inside! Although I can never read what it says, I know it’s not something polite. It annoys me that people get pleasure out of vandalising something that other people ride on every single day. When you get up early in the morning to catch a train, you want to look out of the window and the houses and maybe the beach. You shouldn’t have to see graffiti all over the train and food wrappers left lying around. It should be a nice sight to look at, especially if you’re showing a friend who’s new to the city around, it’s embarrassing to have to get on this train that looks the way it looks. It’s embarrassing that it looks this way, it looks like you live in a horrible place when in fact you should be proud of where you live and showing everything off. But I guess it’s life, people do stupid things and I just have to hope that they’ll learn from it and realise their mistakes.

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CUE- conclusion

CUE- Rickets point reflection

What is a marine sanctuary and why do we need to protect and conserve environments like Ricketts point?

A Marine Sanctuary are protected areas of seas, oceans or large lakes. They are restricted areas of human activity for a conservation purpose, typically to protect natural or cultural resources/species. Especially animals that are endangered, a lot of the places where these animals can be found are marine sanctuaries so no human can harm them, there for hopefully increasing their numbers. This is why we need to protect these areas, so that endangered animals can be protected form being harmed by humans and live a safe life.

What things impact negatively on our environments?

Air pollution e.g, smoke
Ground pollution e.g, rubbish
Too much energy sources used
More animals becoming endangered

Acrostic poem

R- rubbish free
I- ice cream
C- cleaning up
K- key problems
E- environment
T- trees being cut down
T- teamwork
S- sustainability

P- plants
O- ocean
I- issues
N- nice work
T- tools

Some photos from our day:

Is my life sustainable?

I have found that my life is sustainable, I found this by thinking over all the environment lessons we have had in this term. In the first or second lesson i discovered that I did not use too much water, yes a little more than is necessary but not a huge amount compared to others. Then when I found out that I would need 2.3 worlds if everyone lived like me, I thought that was a good amount compared to all of my classmates where some needed 8! And finally, I live only a 5 minute walk away from Ricketts point, Ricketts point is a marine sanctuary which means it’s not a polluted area. It’s well looked after and protected and our class even spent an hour down there tidying it up and making it a cleaner place. This makes the area I live in a nice and non-polluted place, hopefully this means i contribute as I live so close. During my time spent at Ricketts point, I was able to see all of the marine sanctuary and how sustainable it is. Also, what is being done to help the other places along the beach which are not included in the marine sanctuary. I was able to be included in helping maintain the foreshore which was cutting down some certain trees. This meant that the time it took our class to do however much we could in 1 hour would’ve taken the three men who normally maintain the foreshore 3 days. I was happy that due to my efforts in the 1 hour we had saved some men 3 days of work, especially because it was helping the environment and giving back to the community. After looking at the photos above, seeing the progress my classmates and I had made was quite impressive. With only 5 people per area (about 5 people between 2 trees) I think that the progress we made and the over all result we had was quite impressive. In 1 hour, with using only swords and clippers, to cut down most of 2 big trees amongst 5 people is really good going- especially if it normally takes 3 days amongst 3 men! This shows that my life is sustainable as the area I live in is clearly clean and well looked after, I try my best to live a sustainable and healthy life. Over the period of the CUE environment lessons we have had it has been discovered that the life I live now is sustainable, whether or not it it will be in the future is unknown. However, if I keep living the way I do then hopefully it will help the world later on in life, that it will contribute to the world being a healthy place for future generations.

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CUE- 2nd day out


What would the future look like if everyone lived like me? What am I going to do about it?

If everyone lived like me we would need 2.3 planets, although this is not ideal I am glad with the result as many other people got many more planets. I think that if I reduce the amount of electricity I use and not travel so far in the car with my parents there could be a difference in my result. I also think that maybe if I used more natural grown products and less packed ones with unhealthy ingredients it could make a change to the environment.

This video helps explain and show what kind of pollution is in the environment. It shows just how much humans damage the earth and what it is doing to the environment and animals. It also shows what kind of waste and pollution is happening all over the world, not just Australia.

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Cue- first day out

CUE- First Day Out

A. During the walk we passed 4 factories, one of these was the Bolwell Scoota factorie which specialises in fire glass moulding. I believe this may be the factory that produces the most pollution out of the four because it moulds glass which creates a lot of chemicals which can leak and also causes smoke.
B. Because of the chemicals and smoke which are leaked and polluted into the air from this factory it can cause many of the animals and plants to die. The chemicals can kill any living thing because certain ones are poisoness and means if it is swallowed or even touched by living things it can kill them. With the smoke, it can pollute the air and the surrounding lakes/rivers meaning it is not clean air/water for the animals and plants to breathe and drink.
C. Swap some of the chemicals used so not as many are poisoness, also don’t do as many things that involve smoke being leaked into the air. As I walked past the building a lot of the doors and windows were open so that didn’t help with the pollution.
D. I don’t think this company is a huge problem to the environment but I definitely think it is a problem and needs to stop. It is not the main issue, I would address a lot of other problems which I think are a bit bigger but I would definitely address this and work for it to stop.
E. I don’t believe the environment I saw was healthy. The river was practically brown with some areas full of garbage. Most banks of the river I saw had rubbish and really dirty mud on it. The water did not look drinkable and there was a large amount of rubbish around the area. Sometimes, closer to the main road and factories you can smell smoke so that was polluting the air.

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Found poem


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