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October 19, 2015

Cue: Environment Big Question

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Using examples and knowledge gained from you Enviro lessons create a final entry that answers the overriding Domain question “Is my lifestyle sustainable?” In your answer refer to topics covered during each of the days out. Your best efforts will include references to glossary term, actual evidence/examples in order to justify your response. Highlight any experiences that have inspired you to make a change in your behaviour towards being more sustainable.
During my time doing the environment part of Cue, I have learnt a lot of new and important things about how environment works and how healthy it is. This was prevalent when we were doing some weeding near black rock, and there was a lot of unwanted weeds around the area, which damages the plants around it. The weeds in this area flourished and dominated it, they were everywhere, all because they were brought over form another country. When we visited Mordiallic creek I saw how much litter was thrown into the creek, not just rubbish by chemicals from warehouses near the water. But when we tested the water the nitrates and pH levels were reasonably low compared to the standard of water. They were at 0.25mg of nitrates per litre and the pH was at 7.6, where distilled waster is at 7.0. This questioned how much of an impact I was making on our environment. I though about my daily routines and I realised that I was not being as sustainable as I could be. Yes I was being careful when throwing rubbish, but I did not do that all the time sometimes throwing away recyclable materials. But I try my best to recycle the most, so I can to stop litter going into our environment. I also make sure I never litter any rubbish in the ground either at school or any where else where I have rubbish with me. I’m also not always cautious about how much water I use, however I make sure I do not use too much water, I try to limit the amount of water I use as best as I can. But I usual do not do this on a daily basis. As a whole I do not have the most sustainable life.

October 9, 2015

Cue: Environment Big Question #4

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Big question 4: What would the future be like if everyone lived like me? What am I going to do about it?

If everyone lived like me in the future there would be a lot more food, fruit and vegetables that would be put into the rubbish bin, instead of putting it in a compost which would be better for the environment. There would also be a lot more rubbish in general as most of empty containers get thrown away even if they are recyclable and this is usually without thinking about it. More water would be used by the average person as sometimes I use a lot of water for something that is very small job and doesn’t require much water.In general there would be a lot more land fill rubbish and less compost and recyclable rubbish and there would be less water. I’m going to change this by being more conscious of what I’m doing, so I would be checking if what I’m throwing out, is able to be recycled and will try to reuse water instead of getting new water when it is not needed.

September 1, 2015

Cue Environment: Mordialloc Creek

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Is this environment healthy? What helps determine this?
Mordialloc creek from a visual aspect, doesn’t look very healthy as there is a lot of visible rubbish like, tins of food, plastic bottles and cans of drinks just thrown into the creek. The water also looked very dirty at first glance, but when it was tested for nitrates and the pH level. The Nitrates were very low at 0.25mg in 1000ml and the pH level was 7.4 which is very healthy considering that distilled water has a pH level of 7.0. So in terms of science the creek is healthy, but at a visual glance it doesn’t look as healthy.

A letter to a community leader or resident about the environmental issue covered on the day and what you learnt as a result of your participation

Dear to community leader,

On our last cue day out to Mordialloc Creek, our task was to collect sample of water for testing, of the nitrates and pH level. We collected the samples of waters at five different locations, four of these were down and a kayak and the last one was down when we had our walking part of the excursion. As we tested the water once we came back from the walk and kayaks we discovered the water, however looking very dirty, in terms of pH level and nitrates it was reasonably healthy. As nitrates were around 0.25mg per L and the pH level was 7.4 which is 0.4 of the pH level of distilled water which is 7.0. When we were walking along the inner part of the creek we came across many factories producing many waste products that could harm the wildlife in the region and when we were kayaking close the bay we came across many boats which could also affect the water in the region as well as the wildlife.

From Alistair Fothergill

July 21, 2015

Cue Environment Rickett’s Point

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Step one:

What is sustainability and is it important to lead a sustainable life?
Sustainability is to maintain a certain level, for the environment and this is to keep everything so it is able to grow at a steady rate, for example less pollution will help keep the area on which there is less pollution healthy for life. It is important to lead a sustainable life so that the environment doesn’t get too damaged and it is better for supporting life.

How much water do I use, where does it go after I use it and what can I do about it, locally and or globally?
I use a average amount of water as I don’t use too much when I have to, and when I have finished with it is usual goes to waste by going down the drain. This could be changed by using the spare water to feed the plants in our backyard, although we used to do this.

Rickett’s Point (Black Rock) Marine Sanctuary: What is a Marine Sanctuary & why do we need to protect and conserve environments like Rickett’s Point?
A Marine Sanctuary is an area which it protects sea life in that area, no fishing or mining is allowed in the area of the marine sanctuary. It is an area of conservation and we need to protect the environment of Rickett’s Points because it is full of sea life and is vital for many species of sea life in that area

What things impact negatively on our environments?
Some things include pollution especially carbon dioxide, another major impact is oil spills although they aren’t always happening, when they do it is very dangerous to sea life it basically kills all of the sea life it infects in the water. There are also land impacts like logging in the remaining of our forests.

Include a photo/video or piece of visual evidence that demonstrates your learning on the day.

In this photo we are pulling up the weeds in black rock foreshore


Step two:
e. Thinking routine – “I used to think, but now I think”

I used to think that weeds weren’t that bad and that there a small nuisance, but now I realised how bad weeds can be to our environment for example in the back rock foreshore it was basically everywhere u looked and that was something I wasn’t expecting.

March 21, 2015

Cue Urban: Market and Court

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Magistrate Courts:


2. The defence counsel is to defend the accused person, the defence counsel will try to get the person being prosecuted, go free. The Magistrate is the person who decides what the verdict is at the end and he/her listens to the defence counsel and the police prosecutor to decide the verdict. The Police prosecutor is the person who try’s to get the person being prosecuted into jail or a fine for the crime that the prosecutor did. The clerk hands papers form the defence counsel/police prosecutor to the witness who has look and then hands it back to the clerk. The clerk also prints out all the papers that the magistrate might need. The witness box is the person who might have witnessed the crime/accident and gives all the information the witness knows.



March 17, 2015

Cue urban: Market preparation

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March 13, 2015

Cue: Williamstown and the Yarra

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The heritage walk, was where we walked around Williamstown and looked historical building that were first built when Williamstown was settled. Some of these building have been renovated, some moved and a few have been left like they were first built. Williamstown was a place where a lot of pubs where built in the 1900s because it was a port, so a priest from the local church resurrected a water fountain.

Across from the the drinking fountain is a church like building that was a built in 1873, it was one of the most respected building of its time.

As we walked down the street, there was a hotel, this hotel was the former royal hotel. This hotel was primal built in 1952 as it says on the building, but the royal hotel was actually built in 1893 in the popular red and white colours.

When we went down a street off main street there was a morgue that had be moved from its original place, because it smelled and that there were reports that rats were eating the dead bodies. A morgue is a building where bodies are kept to be identified and claimed by there family’s.

In the 19th century it was very unlikely that a two-storey house was made of weatherboard, as a usual weatherboard house was only a one-storey building.

As we continued to walk down the road we passes a church, the church had started being builtin 1860, but later found that damp materials and overcrowding. So they took down the church and later rebuilt the church again with the exact same stone from 1860, the first section of he church was finished in 1871,the church tower was later added on in 1934.







March 12, 2015

Science movie

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By Alistair Fothergill

March 6, 2015

Cue Urban: Museum and Mosque

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Do you think Islam is completely different to Christianity? Well it isn’t, Islam is very similar to Christianity, they both worship God. The main difference is that in Islam, they say that jesus is not the son of God a prophet. Both religions believe that there a set of prophets, both religion also believe that Virgin Mary gave birth to jesus. In both Islam and Christianity they both think there is one God. Islam and Christianity both have religious building that they attend to or worship in but In Islam, instead of going to church every Sunday in Islam you go to pray in a mosque five times a day or at least once a day. There are also a few differences, in Islam they do not believe that Jesus was the son of God but another prophet sent by God, where in Christianity they believe that Jesus was the son of God and was sent to help Jerusalem and city around it giving reason to worship God.

There was a lot of question being asked during the mosque visit, but the most common was “Why do you were the hijab?” The women that’s were showing us around the mosque explained “that since God has created us we should listen to him and wear how he wants us to wear.” Also the students asked about when you start wearing and where you wear the hijab.” The mosque ladies responded “You would wear your hijab when you go into public, and you do not have wear it at home only when you leave your house.” She also told us when you have to start wearing the hijab as a women, you have to start wearing a hijab when you hit puberty at the latest but you can wear it earlier if you wanted to.

When the mosque ladies handed out the hijab’s to the St. Leonard’s girls, every girl tried it on which was very respectful. It was different seeing the girls wearing the hijab but in Islam that is there culture to have girls cover up.

February 24, 2015

Cue Urban: Museum and Mosque, preparation

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1835-1850 Melbourne the meeting place
1. Why is Melbourne where it is?
It is there because there is a river and when it was first settled they need the water for travel and transport of goods.

2. Where was the first white settlement?
The first permanent settlement was in 1833 at Portland bay, by Edward Henty

3. What was it like before settlement?
Before settlement it was very hot harsh weather making it very hard to establish settlement. Housing was limited and rough, there was drunkenness and disorder.

4. Why did people come?
People came to Melbourne because they thought that Melbourne would be the perfect place, they were looking for a better life but didn’t find a better life but a worse life.

5. Who lived there?
The aboriginal people lived in Victoria first and most of Australia. When the Europeans came and settled in Australia they brought diseases. The Europeans sent migrants to Australia, telling the migrants that they will have a better life in Australia.

6. How was it like to live there?
It was full of drunkenness and disorder, there was limited housing and the houses were rough. It was really hot and harsh in the summer and colder in the winter.

7. How was it governed?
the first landholders were from the port Phillip district in NSW legislative council.

Main Religion in Vietnam Points.
-Mahayana is the largest major tradition of Buddhism existing to this day with 53.2% of practitioners compared to 35.8% for Theravada
-The first stone inscription containing a Mahayana formation was found in india at 180 CE.
-In the early part of Mahayana Buddhism there were 4 main thought developed.
-Mahayana Buddhism is the main form of Buddhism in North Asia and the Far East.
-Mahayana Buddhism is known as the ‘Great Vehicle’.

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