During term 4 English, we had to create a Yearbook. The Yearbook consisted of a piece of writing for each year of school; prep, year 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 6. We also had to complete an autobiography and a thank you letter to our parents. Looking at the photos from when I was little was really enjoyable and made me feel like I was back in the past. I enjoyed looking at photos from my old school and my old friends. Completing the Yearbook took a lot of time and effort but all of our yearbooks are very unique and different to each other. Overall, I really enjoyed completing the yearbook and I know everyone else did to.


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Math Christmas Worksheet

In term 4 maths, we completed a Christmas worksheet to do with percentages. The worksheet required you to find a perfect gift for three people. We had to find the price and then take off a certain percentage and then find the discounted price. I gave gifts to my mum, dog and myself. I bought my mum a seventy dollar KoKo Black chocolate, twenty dollar treats for my dog and a dog for myself worth three thousand dollars. We had to take off 10%, 25%, 30% and 42%. Overall, I really enjoyed completing the worksheet. It was something different and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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English: Year Book

In term 3, we wrote a year book. During the term 2-3 holidays we had to collect photographs which we used to make a year book. The year book is a piece of writing for each year from ELC to grade 6. We wrote poems, diary entries and persuasive writing. So far we haven’t done much year book writing so I am happy to continue it next term when I can look back on the past year. I enjoy completing the tasks because I have the opportunity to remember the my past friends from other schools. Over all I enjoyed creating my year book and will look forward on completing the final product.


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English: Parvana

During term 3, we read a book called Parvana. Parvana is a book about a girl who has to dress up like a boy to provide food for her family because her father has been taken away by the Taliban soldiers because he was educated. In each chapter, we completed an activity to do with the it. For example we completed an activity called “Cubing”. “Cubing” is a game where we get into our table groups of 4 and we each have a role such as the cuber, discussion leader, evaluator and presenter. In our groups we would read the chapter together and roll a dice to find out which questions we need to answer. At the end of the term we had to make a trailer for Parvana, and we were allowed to complete our task in small groups. I was in a group with Elle and Charlotte. Overall I really enjoyed reading Parvana it was interesting, realistic and had real life situations.


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Math: Mental Maths

During term 3, we completed multiple tasks called “Mental Maths”. Mental maths are a series of questions, there are 4 sections. Each section harder than the last. It is timed from when we start to when we finish. We have done multiple Mental maths sheets. Each time we do the sheet we improve. I understood most of the questions but some of the word questioning I didn’t get. Some of the questions that got wrong were just petty mistakes. Over all I enjoyed completing the task because I love maths.


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Maths: Happy Hippos

In term 3, we completed a iMaths investigation called Happy Hippos. During Happy Hippos we had to create a plan for a zoo, make a feeding schedule and calculate how much space everything takes. I was in a group with Elle and Amber and our zoo was called “The Holy Safari”
In our zoo we added seals, red pandas and penguins. There are also compulsory animals that we had to include. We also had to include other park features such as souvenir shops, stadiums, car parks and kiosks. I really enjoyed working with Elle and Amber. We had lots of fun creating our zoo. Even though we had to start our map of our zoo again we ended up completing our task faster than most of the other people. I would enjoy doing the task again.


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Unit: Story Book

During term 3, we created a narrative about migration to Australia for our summative assessment. I wrote and illustrated a picture story book about Afghanistan. My book was called “Journey to Australia”. First we had to create a story board and plan the story. When I started my story, I received help from Bella and later help from Emily. Some of the girls spent their lunch times writing and illustrating our book, a lot of the students spent their weekends working on their picture story book. My favourite part of creating my story was the illustrations and giving a pictures to my writing. I was excited about having my story printed. I enjoyed working on my story book and appreciate the and support from Emily, Bella, Mrs Di Gemma and Mrs Buntine. On the 10th of September we read our stories to the grade 1 students. The stories taught them about the happenings to all of the countries in our picture story book.


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Unit: Quilt

In term 3, we completed a piece of a quilt. The focus of the quilt had to be based on a country. I completed a quilt on Poland. We had to split a square piece of paper into five sections. Each section showed a different category such as the flag, person from that country, history, push and pull factors and a free choice. For my person, I chose Hania Strosberg. She moved to Australia in 1946 and then became a haematologist. For my free choice, I created a graph about how many Polish immigrants came to Australia during different years. During this process I learnt a lot about the Polish migration. For example, I learnt that Polish immigrants who came to South Australia made a group called the “Polish Hill” and also that the Polish born community in Victoria increased to 21,428 between 1947 and 1954. I was able to complete this task with some helpful guidance from Mrs Di Gemma.


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Most Memorable (favourite subject)

Out if all the subjects, my favourite is definitely sport . Sport is my most favourite subject because you do active activities instead of sitting down. I am an active person that’s why it is my favourite subject. I have always loved sport because of Mr Hooper but he left and he was my favourite sports teacher. My favourite sport is soccer. I play soccer for CIPSSA and heaps of girls are doing soccer which is good. Amber, Elle, Laura and I are all in the A team witch is good so they recognise that soccer is not only for boys but for girls as well. But if I had to choose a class room subject it would we math. I love maths because there is always a right answer. There are lots of very fun activities that we do in maths that’s why it’s my favourite subject.



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Unit Term 2

This term we went to Canberra. In Canberra we learnt heaps about the Government and even how coins are made when we visited the Royal Australian Mint. During the trip we visited many places but my most favourite place was Questacon. There was also sad places we visited like the Australian War Memorial at 5 we were apart of the last post ceremony. We stayed at the Sundown Motel. I was in a room with Bella, Rosie, Katie, Emily and Sophie. We had a lot of fun. But it was very cold in the morning and at night. Overall we had a lot of fun playing games in our room. In the end I think everyone was disappointed and exited going home and I hope to come again.

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