Camp Ibis Essay

Our slender sports-raft was being pushed towards a cluster of rocks down-stream. Max screamed out, “PADDLE!”. Instinctively, I drove my oar into the water and pulled back with all my strength. The raft started to turn away from the deadly, jagged rocks ahead. Suddenly, the current spun the raft around so that it was now facing backwards! I cringed with trepidation as the side of the raft scraped against the rocks. Phew, we were lucky it was just a scrape! Max and I tried to turn the raft around with our paddles but to no avail; the current was too strong. The small raft smacked loudly into several rocks and its inhabitants were knocked and shaken. We were in the middle of the rapid and we were stuck! I looked around in confusion. “Why have we stopped?” I asked myself. I strained to look under the bottom of the raft. I discovered the culprit. We were stuck on a rock!!

Max and I rocked from side to side, trying to dislodge our raft from the rock’s clutches. We jumped, rocked and shook the raft as hard as we could. After our vigorous attempts the raft hadn’t moved at all. “How are we going to get out of this?” I asked Max.
“I have no clue!” he replied. We sat in silence and pondered for a few moments. I looked around at my surroundings. There were rocks to the left and right of us, a huge rock underneath us, rapids, and the shore just a few meters away. I glanced at the rocks beside us and the paddle in my hand. An idea was starting to form in my mind…

I forced my tired arms to raise the paddle and pushed against the rock. The raft shifted, just a tiny bit. I pushed even harder now. Again, the raft moved just a small distance. I shouted at Max to help me and we both pushed with all our might. I could feel the raft lighten as more and more of it entered the water. With a loud SPLASH, the rest of our raft slid off the rock and into the river. We had escaped! Max and I both grinned at each other and sighed with relief as we reached the end of the rapid and slowly paddled back to the shore. What an adventure that was!

Later, that night, exhausted, I lay down on my thin air mattress and snuggled into my cosy sleeping bag. I looked upwards hoping to see the beautiful night sky with its glistening stars. Instead, all I saw was the dark colour of our tarp, that was keeping us dry. I listened to the hypnotising, soothing sound of the river as I pondered the day’s events. I had used skills such as problem-solving, resilience and determination and there had been much team work and bonding. I smiled to myself as I realised that tomorrow would bring a whole new adventure, a whole new experience…

By Aiden Cha

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