Year 9 Literature


Literary merit song link above

In boulevard of Brocken dreams (preformed by green day)




These are the annotations that I make on the lyrics.

The feeling that this song creates is a sadness it’s very poetic in some forms Like “where the city sleeps”.

The Bob Dylan song “It’s all over now, Baby Blue”

I believe that the song was about a relationship, it went through its very low times and I think the man in the relationship couldn’t handle that his love left him and that she only gave him options like “you must leave now, take what you need, you think will last but whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast” I believe that quote really hits the man hard in the relationship really, because I think the man feels better when he feels in control in the relationship but really he may not be. I’m not saying this is true but it’s just my opinion.






My academic performance was good i tried my best during the whole semester.

My engagement in this semester i believed was great i put in everything i had to offer which was good.

The effort i put in was 100% and i think if it wasn’t up to the level that it needed to be well i put all i could possibly do.


The colour i choose is Blue because the colour blue is the colour of trust and peace and i believe that in our lessons we had together we had a sense of trust and peace the trust aspect was when we were in our groups and we had to share our work we produced and our peace aspect was in general like it was a peaceful lesson like not to stressful and it was god when we had science or some core subject before and then we had this period it was good to learn something new and for it not to be so pushy.


The song i choose is a song by Jason Derulo called ‘Chyenne’ and it represents our classes by somethings we learnt in our classes were amazing and some was need to learn before we get onto the things that were needed to get back to the good. In the song there is lyrics saying ‘if i let go i know, ill regret it’ those lyrics imply to me that i had good time learning all of these things and its not if its when i let go i know ill regret it because I’m not sure if i learnt everything.


My image:

This image represents the trust we had in our lessons in not judging our work that we did and that no one would judge if you read it out in class which is the kind environment you would like to be in if you had to share a piece of work you are proud of or if your not to proud of it that is the dream environment you would like to be in.