This is my compassion action project video

Step by step

– Take off the lid of the cistern.
– Place a brick inside the cistern.
– Replace lid to cistern.
– When you flush you use less water.


– Using less water per flush
– some toilets use up to 12 litres per flush
– New toilets use up to 3 and a half litres per flush.
– By using the brick you can save up to 2 litres per half flush and 6 litres per full flush.

Sustainable Practise

– The brick can be left in the cistern on an on going basis. Continually redoing the water used each time you flush.


This activity has made me very aware of the water wastage not only in the toilet but when cleaning my teeth and having a shower.


If i had a better computer imaging skills I would have made my video better.


I hope you enjoyed my video on water saving ideas. It’s incredible how much water we waste when it it such a precious resources.

Thinking Routine

I used to think water was something we had an unlimited supply of. especially after living in England where there is so much water and it rains a lot. But now I think that water is a precious resource that we can be without and we must conserve it.

My letter to the Resident:

Dear Resident,

I would like to introduce myself my name is Ashton Britten and i recently with my class went to Rickets point collected items washed up on the beach and rocks which if left me harm the local wildlife and fish in our community.

I would like to ask you and the next time you go on the beach and taking a walk around Ricketts point to pick up items off the beach Debris. If every person picked up 1 item every time they went to the beach our beach would be clean.

Kind Regards Ashton Britten


Is my lifestyle sustainable.

The CUE program has made me think about environment and how our world needs us to make changes and be aware of pollution, climate change and simple things like wasting water.

When I was at Ricketts point I learned about dead Debris on trees and how that can kill the tree it’s was great to pull The debris off the tree and how it is doing something good and saving the tree. The trees and nature bushes are important in maintaining our coast line because as the see you rises the nature bushes help stop oration and they protects the nature wildlife as well. I didn’t go to Mordialloc Creek but I learnt from that climate change is changing our coastal areas and some coastal nature bushland is damaged due to floods which happened 3 to 4 times a year. This affects the native wildlife and some migratory birdlife as well. By people volunteering and picking up rubbish and debris it doesn’t just make it look better it is helping protect our postal areas. By doing the rickets points excursion it has made me more aware of the need to pick up rubbish even if it isn’t yours and to respect the native trees and bushes and to respects the native trees and bushes. Personally I don’t letter, but I do see a lots of litter around and I will encourage people not to and’s to pick up letter when we see it. I have become very aware of water wastage. I personally didn’t even think about it before I just used it.

I used to clean my teeth and just leave the tap running I would have long showers and often turn the shower on a bit of time before I would get in. And I would not even think about it. Now especially after researching for my video saving water every time you flush I was shocked at the amount of water just gone with one flush. if you go to the toilet five times a day that is 60 L you waste today. We have four in our family that would be 240 L a day that’s incredible. I feel like I have contributed something by putting a break in the toilet cistern. Even though they just saving some water makes me feel better and by being aware and shower I fell im doing something positive in water conservation and sustainabilty .

In our home we use energy efficient lights we run a small engine diesel car, we try to save power by turning off lights and where conditioning when we don’t need them. We have far showers we have buffalo grass which doesn’t need much watering we have a solar heated pool we have rainwater collection for the garden. We were cycle as much as we can. We turn off our electronic appliances off at the PowerPoint. We have bricks in our toilets. Will use economy on our dishwasher and washing machine. Even though this is a small things I think I’m becoming environmentally aware and living sustainably.