Question 1) Mordialic Creek what do you think people value about both the creek environment and Port Phillip Bay?

In November 2009 friends of the Earth Melbourne organise a new project called the sea level rise, to find out about the effects of rising sea levels in the Port Phillip Bay.

Polling tells us that the majority of people want action on climate change.

The port Phillip Rising walk Was a group of people who walk the bay and recorded their findings.

Observations maybe were three or four times a year there were major flood events. Changes to habitat me not just impact on local species but also on migratory species.

Other observations were having a belts of native vegetation with the correct transitions front spinifex grass to Forest reduces the impact of storm surge.

Mordialloc Creek area was builds up with homes and people interviewed would do what they could to protect the property.

Do these values suggest for the management of this year environment?

In 2011 city of Kingston offered Mordialloc Creek studied to the economic benefits of in infrastructure to combat flooding.

Do you think this environment is heathy, what help determine this?

We need to make our country sustainable and climate change is ruining our land so it isn’t healthy. The fact that it floods 3 to 4 times a year isn’t good as it ruins coastal native plants and native animals have their habitat ruined and migratory birds may no longer come. We need to maintain what we have and stop the flooding so natural animals can be in their nature in habitat and people can keep their homes and we can have a beautiful coastal land.

Ricketts point marine sanctuary

What is marine sanctuary and why do we need to protect and conserve environments like Ricketts point?

A marine sanctuary is an area of ocean set aside for conservation. Marine life, including fish, and habitat is fully protected. Mining and fishing is not permitted. It is similar to a national park.

The benefit of Marine sanctuaries is to protect marine life especially threatened marine species.

We need to protect marine life and habitats for sustainability of our planets.

What things impact negatively on our environment?

Human contact example fishing, boats and swimming can be coastal stressors and indirect stressors such as climate change and coastal development example housing.


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