The questions we did in class

1. What is sustainability?

The ability to be maintained or to sustain itself. If it is sustainable it should continue forever.

2. What I believe sustainability is the untouched forests and land that haven’t been destroyed by humans for wood or housing. Where nature just looks after them they just live forever. When humans clear the forests the animals can become endangered and the world needs forests for oxygen and we need land to be sustainable for us to survive.

3. It is important to lead a sustainable life for us to continue to survive.

Lesson 1)

The amount of water I used a day is about 285 litres

Where does it do? It goes down the drain to a recycling plant

What can we do about it locally shower faster and use glass with water to clean your teeth

Collect rainwater in tanks


Word that describe what I leant on the day

Lesson 4)

Locally-Put brick in toilet

Locally-System which falls up volume of a System of ones less water

Globally- manufacturer ceramic water saving brick

Globally- re direct stormwater to reservoir

If the future lives how I live it will bring food and water shortages and all resources, oil and trees

What I can do about it vote for a government that is eco friendly to preserve Resorces


Subconsciously we know,
Involuntarily we choose,
But it’s the seeds the we sow,
Which we must fuse so we can subtain our future and sustainability our muse.

This photo is for lesson 1 is the news article.



this picture is if the future lived like me.

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