Community days out

Community day 1 pictures:


This is what we did:
Met James and Will at North Brighton station. Caught the public transport to Richmond then to Camberwell, we then walked around 10 minutes to Mary Macullop Centre for Old, Aged facility.

WE were met by Trish, we met the residents and talked about who we were, what school we were from, some of the residents had dementia so i was difficult so us and them to understand what we were saying and we told them things like what subjects we do a school, the ones we like etc.

We helped the residents with French for an hour. We then had a 15 minute break. We helped clean up after French and served the residents Coffee bread.

After lunch we played board games outside and we taught the people how to play.
Will and I did some gardening while James stayed down and continued to play the board games.

We left at 3pm and got the train back to North Brighton.

Community day 2 pictures:


It was a lot easier to get there this time now we knew how to get there. Trish wasn’t there today because she was sick so we had a lovely ladies named Louise and we started off by playing a who can get the most points with little bean bags and it was the residents favourite game. Overall we helped impact on the elderly people’s life’s and I loved when you helped one of them the smile on there faces. I loved there old fashion jokes and quotes. We helped out this amazing lady, who was a Sister and worked as a teacher and she always says like “I know how to get boys to get working”.When we were leaving, she said why you leaving and we said because we are going home and she said “are you coming back tomorrow” and we said no sorry every 2 weeks and she said “I can wait long I’ll be in heaven by then”.

We accidentally got on the wrong train at East Camberwell and we waited about 10 minutes to wait for the next train and we got on the train and got home safety

Day 3:

Day three was very similar to the other days,we did the same old stuff like helping handing out coffees in the morning or tea and cakes and helping with games like bowling, which was fun and really nice to see the elderly’s enjoying it and some people were in wheel chairs and we had to bowl for them and the application from them was incredible no words to describe it so I really enjoyed day 3’s outing it was enjoyable for us and for the people.

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