Community homework #1

I chose bullying:

Bullying can happen to anybody it can happen in the classroom, in the yard, on the sporting field, on the walk home, while your at home on your phone or on your ipad.

Bullying is someone trying to take your power away and make you feel hurt, alone, angry, sad or frightened.

Bullying can be:

giving bad looks or rude gestures
calling names
being rude and constant teasing
spreading rumours or lies
negative comments about race, religion, sex and disability
physically hurting someone
stalking someone
excluding someone from a group

Types of Bullying:

Face to face
physically hurting someone or name calling

Covert Bullying:
Bullying people when you cant be seen, also excluding people and spreading rumours and lies

offensive photos or messaging on phone, email, social networks, this can reach a large audience

Bullying can make you feel:

hopeless, how do I get out of this?
alone, no-one helps me
depression, lack of friends
unsafe and afraid
confused, stressed, anxious
ashamed, why me?

Bullying can make others feel:

angry, what was that for, I wish they would stop
fearful, I don’t want to do anything they might bully me
guilty, I should have stopped them
sad, I don’t want to be around people who bully others

The Bullies, why do they do it?

they may have been bullied themselves
they may struggle socially
anger or frustration
not care, show little or no regret and they believe it will improve the social status

How do you stop Bullies?

report any issue to the teacher or school counsellor in person or if too difficult in an email
tell your friends
become a supportive bystander, use words or actions to discourage the bully
make it clear that you won’t be involved in bullying
don’t stand and watch bullying as it gives the bully encouragement
do not like or comment on gossip or harassment on social networks
never forward or respond to messages or photos that may offend or upset

Get help:

Kids help line


The Australian Human Rights Commission

Bullying is abuse
It is a serious issue that can effect your mental and physical health, it has even caused people to suicide

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