I posted all of the options for day 1 out.

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Question 1) Mordialic Creek what do you think people value about both the creek environment and Port Phillip Bay?

In November 2009 friends of the Earth Melbourne organise a new project called the sea level rise, to find out about the effects of rising sea levels in the Port Phillip Bay.

Polling tells us that the majority of people want action on climate change.

The port Phillip Rising walk Was a group of people who walk the bay and recorded their findings.

Observations maybe were three or four times a year there were major flood events. Changes to habitat me not just impact on local species but also on migratory species.

Other observations were having a belts of native vegetation with the correct transitions front spinifex grass to Forest reduces the impact of storm surge.

Mordialloc Creek area was builds up with homes and people interviewed would do what they could to protect the property.

Do these values suggest for the management of this year environment?

In 2011 city of Kingston offered Mordialloc Creek studied to the economic benefits of in infrastructure to combat flooding.

Do you think this environment is heathy, what help determine this?

We need to make our country sustainable and climate change is ruining our land so it isn’t healthy. The fact that it floods 3 to 4 times a year isn’t good as it ruins coastal native plants and native animals have their habitat ruined and migratory birds may no longer come. We need to maintain what we have and stop the flooding so natural animals can be in their nature in habitat and people can keep their homes and we can have a beautiful coastal land.

Ricketts point marine sanctuary

What is marine sanctuary and why do we need to protect and conserve environments like Ricketts point?

A marine sanctuary is an area of ocean set aside for conservation. Marine life, including fish, and habitat is fully protected. Mining and fishing is not permitted. It is similar to a national park.

The benefit of Marine sanctuaries is to protect marine life especially threatened marine species.

We need to protect marine life and habitats for sustainability of our planets.

What things impact negatively on our environment?

Human contact example fishing, boats and swimming can be coastal stressors and indirect stressors such as climate change and coastal development example housing.


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The questions we did in class

1. What is sustainability?

The ability to be maintained or to sustain itself. If it is sustainable it should continue forever.

2. What I believe sustainability is the untouched forests and land that haven’t been destroyed by humans for wood or housing. Where nature just looks after them they just live forever. When humans clear the forests the animals can become endangered and the world needs forests for oxygen and we need land to be sustainable for us to survive.

3. It is important to lead a sustainable life for us to continue to survive.

Lesson 1)

The amount of water I used a day is about 285 litres

Where does it do? It goes down the drain to a recycling plant

What can we do about it locally shower faster and use glass with water to clean your teeth

Collect rainwater in tanks


Word that describe what I leant on the day

Lesson 4)

Locally-Put brick in toilet

Locally-System which falls up volume of a System of ones less water

Globally- manufacturer ceramic water saving brick

Globally- re direct stormwater to reservoir

If the future lives how I live it will bring food and water shortages and all resources, oil and trees

What I can do about it vote for a government that is eco friendly to preserve Resorces


Subconsciously we know,
Involuntarily we choose,
But it’s the seeds the we sow,
Which we must fuse so we can subtain our future and sustainability our muse.

This photo is for lesson 1 is the news article.



this picture is if the future lived like me.

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Compassionate Action project

Up there is the link to our video

Compassionate Action project

One of the issues in our community is racism, judging people by their skin colour is wrong and we should act upon this and should stop this. I believe our video should get out there and hopefully other people can also react upon this issue. What is being done about this is just really some occasional adverts on the television which is a little poor ubut maybe to see real significance you would have to do adverts on the big screen in the cinema and just pop up adverts on your computer so it gets the racism name out there. Our focus in this project was to highlight the issues about racism what people have to suffer and how stupid judging people on their colour or religion, people should be allowed to be who they are and I hope the video helps people be this racism is bad. I am trying to show in my video the problems and sadness of racism and that people will acknowledge that there are good people and that there is nothing wrong them and they should only be judged on their personality. One in 5 people in Australia have experienced racism, 70% of teenagers have experienced racism, whether the racism is verbal abuse or violence it shouldn’t happen and theses figures are difficult to look at. It’s a shame that in Australia people have to suffer this abuse. I am trying to achieve people’s understanding and compassion of how difficult racism is and how difficult people people lives can be. I will achieve this by by showing how difficult it is and what a tough world it is out there and how some people do it really hard and we just have to be grateful for what what we have and who we are and who you can be. The Compassionate action project will be hard to evaluate because racism is such a big issue but if one person stops being mean or thinks about not saying something racist then its successful. I would like to think people could just think they’re being funny when they say something racist and not really think about what iritis they are saying and when they see the video they might think I can’t say that sort of thing again because I’m being racist. Any improvement and anyway people can feel better about themselves is an improvement people just need education.

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Community days out

Community day 1 pictures:


This is what we did:
Met James and Will at North Brighton station. Caught the public transport to Richmond then to Camberwell, we then walked around 10 minutes to Mary Macullop Centre for Old, Aged facility.

WE were met by Trish, we met the residents and talked about who we were, what school we were from, some of the residents had dementia so i was difficult so us and them to understand what we were saying and we told them things like what subjects we do a school, the ones we like etc.

We helped the residents with French for an hour. We then had a 15 minute break. We helped clean up after French and served the residents Coffee bread.

After lunch we played board games outside and we taught the people how to play.
Will and I did some gardening while James stayed down and continued to play the board games.

We left at 3pm and got the train back to North Brighton.

Community day 2 pictures:


It was a lot easier to get there this time now we knew how to get there. Trish wasn’t there today because she was sick so we had a lovely ladies named Louise and we started off by playing a who can get the most points with little bean bags and it was the residents favourite game. Overall we helped impact on the elderly people’s life’s and I loved when you helped one of them the smile on there faces. I loved there old fashion jokes and quotes. We helped out this amazing lady, who was a Sister and worked as a teacher and she always says like “I know how to get boys to get working”.When we were leaving, she said why you leaving and we said because we are going home and she said “are you coming back tomorrow” and we said no sorry every 2 weeks and she said “I can wait long I’ll be in heaven by then”.

We accidentally got on the wrong train at East Camberwell and we waited about 10 minutes to wait for the next train and we got on the train and got home safety

Day 3:

Day three was very similar to the other days,we did the same old stuff like helping handing out coffees in the morning or tea and cakes and helping with games like bowling, which was fun and really nice to see the elderly’s enjoying it and some people were in wheel chairs and we had to bowl for them and the application from them was incredible no words to describe it so I really enjoyed day 3’s outing it was enjoyable for us and for the people.

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Community homework #1

I chose bullying:

Bullying can happen to anybody it can happen in the classroom, in the yard, on the sporting field, on the walk home, while your at home on your phone or on your ipad.

Bullying is someone trying to take your power away and make you feel hurt, alone, angry, sad or frightened.

Bullying can be:

giving bad looks or rude gestures
calling names
being rude and constant teasing
spreading rumours or lies
negative comments about race, religion, sex and disability
physically hurting someone
stalking someone
excluding someone from a group

Types of Bullying:

Face to face
physically hurting someone or name calling

Covert Bullying:
Bullying people when you cant be seen, also excluding people and spreading rumours and lies

offensive photos or messaging on phone, email, social networks, this can reach a large audience

Bullying can make you feel:

hopeless, how do I get out of this?
alone, no-one helps me
depression, lack of friends
unsafe and afraid
confused, stressed, anxious
ashamed, why me?

Bullying can make others feel:

angry, what was that for, I wish they would stop
fearful, I don’t want to do anything they might bully me
guilty, I should have stopped them
sad, I don’t want to be around people who bully others

The Bullies, why do they do it?

they may have been bullied themselves
they may struggle socially
anger or frustration
not care, show little or no regret and they believe it will improve the social status

How do you stop Bullies?

report any issue to the teacher or school counsellor in person or if too difficult in an email
tell your friends
become a supportive bystander, use words or actions to discourage the bully
make it clear that you won’t be involved in bullying
don’t stand and watch bullying as it gives the bully encouragement
do not like or comment on gossip or harassment on social networks
never forward or respond to messages or photos that may offend or upset

Get help:

Kids help line


The Australian Human Rights Commission

Bullying is abuse
It is a serious issue that can effect your mental and physical health, it has even caused people to suicide

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Community task 1

1. Racism


3.domestic violence

4. Sexism

5. Religions

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