Welcome to the electronic learning journeys of students from St Leonard’s College!

To begin your ‘My Journey’ site you must first ensure you have read and are familiar with the ‘Code of Conduct‘. Students will be expected to abide by this code at all times when utilising this web publishing platform.

By clicking ‘login’ below you are agreeing to abide by all regulations in the ‘Code of Conduct‘.


To begin your own ‘My Journey’ site, only when you are directed by a teacher, please click the login button below. To login you will need your STL Link/school email username and password. Once you have logged in you will be able to create your very own web blog where you will be able to start creating posts for others to see.

Once you are logged in download the Edublogs iPad app to make it super simple to add and edit posts on you blog. In the EduBlogs app:

  1. Tap ‘Add an EduBlogs Campus site’.
  2. Then use your St Leonard’s College login details again to sign into your Edublogs Campus site in the app. Your site URL will be: http://myjourney.stleonards.vic.edu.au/username (where ‘username’ is your school username).
  3. You may be given the option to add two blogs, you want to ONLY ADD the ‘”Yourusername’s’ blog”.
  4. You will then be able to add posts to start your electronic portfolio using the EduBlogs iPad app.



Below you will also find some useful links to help you use your new blog:

– Edublogs User Guide.
– Edublogs help and support site.
Using the Edublogs iPad app.
– There are also guides to help write a post or edit a post in Safari.